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Life Improvement Workshops

Thought for the Week:

"Life is a journey - not a destination. We determine our destiny by the direction we take." ~Anonymous



Everyone needs time to clear their thoughts and process their feelings in order to come to the right decision(s) and take the right action(s). As a personal coach I will help you to do this, quickly and effectively. Life coaching is a form of personal counseling and includes dialogue and often education using the workshops I offer. Life coaching can be delivered by phone or in person, simply make an appointment.

To schedule an appointment call (805) 687-8823, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cost: $80.00/hour; $40.00/hour for ten + hour packages.

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Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

I wish you the best in the adventure, comfort and joy that marriage can bring.



Workshops ~ Private, Couples or Group

Workshops are given either online or in person.

They can be booked online at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone, (805)687-8823.



$400.00/singles; $350.00 each/couples, $200.00/group (four or more people)

Teen Empowerment Workshop


"Teenhood" is a time of awakening and discovery. In this magical period of life there is a delicate balance of self-awareness and social awareness which, when nurtured develops responsibility, confidence and the ability to be in control - the three essencials of personal power. This workshop helps teens answer questions about their identity, their purpose and their power as individuals.


Personal Power Workshop


Personal Power is the ability to act competantly and with understanding. It inspires vision, instills courage and tenacity and enlightens us when the chips are down. This workshop teaches tools to achieving success by tapping into your personal power.

Singles/Privately:: $400.00; Couples:: $700.0/couple; Singles/Group:: $200.00



The Relationship Workshop 


Balancing Self, Partnership and Family:: Create and Enhance Deep, Lasting Friendship:: Honor and Ethics in Relationships:: Managing Moods:: Preserving Passion:: Resolving Conflicts:: Restoring Trust ~ Did I miss something?!

$400.00/Singles; $350.00 each/Couples; $200.00/group (four or more)


Who I Am


I am a minister, ordained by the Universal Life Church, and, I am a personal coach and counselor. I have been a Santa Barbara resident since 1973 and have raised a family and worked in the community as an artist, minister and counselor since then. I live in Santa Barbara, CA, June - December and Sarasota, Florida, Janaury - May, most years. 

am available to give workshops and to officiate weddings and other ceremonies in those locations during those months.

Find me on Thumbtack.com and on Eventective.com

My Philosophy

A wedding ceremony is the public promise made between a couple, pledging to be partners for life. They are making a contract of love and a commitment to a life together as best friends, lovers and possibly parents. The vows they make are the heart of the wedding ceremony and so should represent who they are, their values and their mutual vision of a life together - a sort of, "Marriage Mission Statement". They should be carefully selected and well spoken. My duty and promise is to facilitate the most beautiful rendition of these vows as possible. I would be honored and very pleased to be your officiant, should you choose me to fulfill this important role in one of the most important days of your life as a married couple.


Wedding and other ceremonies, $300.00. This includes writing, or, assisting in writing, and delivering the ceremony. Unlimited phones calls and emails.

Marriage is a partnership of unending courtship and eternal love. A wedding should reflect this in every way – especially in the vows. – Laurie King Alexander